First Trip Abroad / 初めての海外旅行

2017.1.11 [Language Center Blog] その他  担当: Written by S.K 高1

 I had never been abroad so this was the first time for me to leave Japan. I had some great experiences on the George Fox Tour that I’d like to tell you about.


 First, I was surprised that we have to pay for plastic bags when we buy something. In Japan, if we need plastic bags, they are free, but in England they’re not. So, I always said “I don’t need plastic bags’ when I went shopping in England.

 Second, I could learn not only about Christianity but also Islam and Sikhism. We went to the the Sikh Centre and Islamic Centre. In the Sikh Centre we learned that Sikhs are really peaceful and good at entertaining guests. We ate a light lunch with them. At the Islamic Centre we talked with Muslim girls. I talked with a 13 year old girl - she taught me how to wear a headscarf. She said that islam is actually a very peaceful religion and all the Muslims she knows are very kind.

 Third, we could watch the play ‘Hamlet’ in Stratford which is where Shakespeare was born. I read ‘Hamlet’ in Japan but the play in English was difficult so I couldn’t really understand what the performers were talking about. But it was very interesting.

 The George Fox Tour was very fun!! If I could, I would like to go to England again. The experiences I had on this tour are my treasures for life. I want to thank my family, my teachers, and my friends for making it so wonderful.
ジョージフォックスツアーはとても面白かった。もし、もう一度イギリスに行けるのであればもう一回行きたい。人生の宝となるようなたくさんの経験ができた。私は家族、先生そして友達に感謝している。私の人生の良い経験の一つとなった。  Translated by Y.H 高1