My Grandmother's Birthday (祖母の誕生日)

2015.5.21 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Sinéad O' Connor

Today is my grandmother's birthday. She would be 103 years old if she were still alive. Sadly, she died 20 years ago, when I was 10 years old.

Her name was May Delaney-O'Connor. She loved flowers and baking. She always wore white sneakers with very old-style dresses. I called her nana because in Ireland we don't say grandmother, we say nana or nan.

She and my grandfather lived very near my house - I could walk to their house in 3 minutes. When I was a child I went to her house everyday after school. She taught me how to bake brown bread. It is my best memory.

In the summer, we always walked through the fields and sometimes we sat together and just talked. She told me lots of stories about her childhood and how she fell in love with my grandfather, and about my father's childhood too.

This is a photo of my nana and grandfather with my older sister, Margaret.
It was taken in 1980, I think.


彼女の名前は May Delaney-O’ Connor でした。花とケーキやパンを焼くことが好きでした。いつも白いスニーカーを履いて、レトロなワンピースを着ていました。私は彼女のことを”Nana”と呼んでいました。なぜなら、アイルランドでは”Grandmother”ではなく、”Nana”か”Nan”と言うからです。