First Time at Disney Sea

2015.11.15 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Kayla Allen


I have been in Japan for three and a half months as of today. However, itstill feels brand new! There are so many places to go and people to meet.

This last week was Silver Week and I decided to spend my Friday at DisneySea. It was my first time going there!

I have been to Disneyland many times in the United States, so I thoughtthat Disney Sea would be familiar to me. I definitely knew many things, butthere were also a lot of things that were different!

My favorite ride in California is Indiana Jones Adventure. There is thesame ride in Disney Sea! I went on the ride thinking that it would be allthe same, but it wasn't. We rode in the same kind of car and on the sametrack, but the story was different and the language was Japanese! Eventhough I couldn't understand the words, I could understand the bodylanguage of the crew and Indy. I was able to ride safely and I had a greattime.

Another great ride in California is the Tower of Terror. This is about aterrible tragedy that happens at the Hollywood Tower Hotel when a familyincluding a famous young actress are in an elevator. The elevator dropsthirteen floors and enters the "twilight zone" (where all things arestrange and creepy). So, the family disappears from our world. I wassurprised to find that the story for the Japanese ride was different!Instead of the Hollywood Tower Hotel, the building is called the HightowerHotel. Instead of a family disappearing, a man with a cursed artifactdisappears. I found the differences very cool and interesting! The ride wasreally exciting!





 カリフォルニアでのもう一つの素晴らしい乗り物は、タワー・オブ・テラーです。これは、ハリウッド・タワー・ホテルである有名な若手の俳優を含めた家族がエレベーターに乗っていた時に起きた、ひどく悲しい出来事を再現したものです。エレベーターは13階から落ちて、「トワイライト・ゾーン」に入ります。(そこは、すべてのものが変わっていてぞっとしています。)そしてその家族は、私たちの世界から消えてしまうのです。私は、日本のアトラクションでは違っていたこのストーリーに驚きました。ハリウッド・タワー・ホテルの代わりにハイ・タワー・ホテルと呼ばれています。家族が消える代わりに、呪われた道具とともに男の人が消えています。私は、違いとは、素敵でおもしろいことを知りました。このアトラクションは本当に面白いです! Translated by R.A. (中3)