A visit from my host sister.

2016.6.9 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Chancellor Milligan


 Last weekend, my host sister visited me in Tokyo. Her name is Reiko, and she is a second year college student at Iwate University. I first met her when I studied abroad in Iwate in 2011.


 We did many fun things. We went to Maruzen in Otemachi where she bought a book about the BBC TV show called Sherlock. She is very good at English and Sherlock is one of her favorite shows. She was very happy.

 After Maruzen, we went to a restaurant called Frijoles. Frijoles is very similar to a restaurant in America called Chipotle. At Frijoles, you can make your own burrito or tacos. It is kind of similar to Subway in that you tell the worker what you'd like on your burrito. It's sooooooooooo delicious!!!

 The next day, we went and ate dinner with our friends. We went to a pizza place called Pizza Slice. The pizza is made in the New York Style, which means that it is huge and has a thin crust. After we ate delicious pizza, we went to Karaoke and sang for two hours.

 Last weekend was a blast! I can't wait to hang out with my host sister again in the future!
先週末はすごく楽しかったです。またいつかホストシスターが来るのが楽しみです。 Translated by Y.T 中3