A Friends School Graduate in Paris

2016.7.26 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Daniel Stifler

 A Friends School graduate spoke in reihai recently about her experiences in Paris working as the bureau chief of a major Japanese newspaper. She worked for twenty years in Paris, starting in 1990. I was interested in her speech, especially in two major differences she talked about between France and Japan.


 The first difference is the importance of kyoyo. In English, kyoyo can be translated as "culture" or "learning", or even "cultural literacy". She said that, in France, people are expected to read novels and go to art exhibitions. Not only that, but they have dinner parties, and they are expected to be able to talk about books and art at the parties. If they can't have interesting conversations, they won't be invited again!
一つ目の違いは教養の重要性についてです。英語では教養は「culture」または「learning」さらに「cultural literacy」と訳すことができます。彼女はフランスでは人々では小説を読んだり美術展見に行くことを楽しみにしていると言っていました。それだけでなく、彼らは夕食会で本や芸術について話しことも楽しみにしているそうです。もし彼らが面白い話ができなければ再び夕食会に招待されることはないのです。

 The second difference is the attitude toward rules. In Japan, people think rules are made to be followed, but she said that in France, people think that rules are made to be changed.

 I always like hearing about Friends School students who have lived and worked overseas!
私はいつも海外に住んだり働いたりしている普連土学園卒業生たちの話を聞くのが好きです。 Translated by M.N 高1