A Family Weekend in Tokyo

2016.8.2 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Kayla Allen

This past weekend, my aunt Heather came to Japan to visit me! This was her first time in Japan. She was really excited. She lives in California, so even when I lived in the United States (in Massachusetts), I didn't see her often.


 She came to Japan with her fiancé, Lance Wong. Both of Lance's parents moved to the United States from China, but he was born and grew up in California. Heather and Lance will be married in May of next year. I don't know if I will be able to go to the wedding, but I hope I will!

 Lance loves Japan, so he wanted to bring Heather here before they get married, kind of like an engagement celebration.

 We did many things together. One night, we went out for soba. I had an omelette and some soba noodles. They were really yummy! I love omelettes. Later that night, I slept over at my aunt's apartment and we all woke up super early to go to Tsukiji Fish Market. We didn't get to see the tuna auction, but we did get to wait in line and have sushi at a really famous restaurant called Sushi Dai. It was delicious!

 The next time I will see Heather and Lance will be this Christmas in California! I'm excited to see them again!
私が次ヘザーとランスと会うのは、クリスマスの時、カリフォルニアで会うことになります。また彼らと会えるのが楽しみです。  Translated by K.T. 高1