Guwali’s story / グワリ君の話

2016.9.15 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Sinéad O’ Connor

 This week we had a guest at worship; Valerie Clements. She is Quaker and has worked for the QUNO (Quaker United Nations Office). She has also taught English to refugees at refugee camps. She told us the story of a boy named Guwali. He had to leave Syria when he was 12 years old because it was too dangerous. His mother told him to go to London with his brother.


 They left Afghanistan and had to travel to Europe without any passports. They got separated along the way so Guwali was alone. He was arrested in Bulgaria and sent to a men's prison, not a children's prison. He was the deported to Turkey. He finally got to Greece but it took 49 hours on a inflatable boat! There was no food, no water, and no toilet.

 Eventually he got to Calais, in France. There he lived at a refugee camp - but it was terrible. He slept in a broken tent, there were fleas, and lice on the mattresses. There was sewage around the tents, too.

 Finally he could get to England. He hid in a banana truck and could go illegally to London. There, he learned English, finished high school, and could graduate from university. Now he works to help other refugees live well in England.
最後に、イギリスへ行きました。彼はバナナを積んだトラックに隠れロンドンへ不法侵しました。彼はそこで英語を学び、高校と大学を卒業しました。現在、彼はイギリスで他の難民たちを助けるため働いています。   Translated by N.K 高3