Building Relationships with Australia

2016.11.28 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Sinéad O’Connor

 This morning we had another Skype session. We called our sister school, Hobart Friends School, in Tasmania. It was a pretty cool session because the students we talked with visited us last year in April. It was nice to catch up.


 As usual, a group of students came to the Language Centre at 7:30 and we called Australia. They talked together for about 25 minutes about school life; subjects, teachers, homework, and about the seasons. It's now spring in Australia, whereas here in Japan it's Autumn.
いつも通り7:30に生徒達がランゲージセンターに来てから、オーストラリアに電話を開けました。彼らとは25分程、授業や先生、宿題など学校生活についてや、季節のことを一緒に話しました。今、オーストラリアは春で, ここ日本には秋が近づいてきています。

 Two of our students went on exchange to Hobart in July.
生徒達のうち2人は7月にホバートへ交換留学で行きました。  Translated by K.A 高1