English Challenge 2016

2016.11.12 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Sinéad O’ Connor

 Recently, we had English Challenge. English Challenge is an English contest for 9th grade students. They can take part in the writing contest - they can write a story or comic, or they can take part in the songs and drama contest - they perform an English song or a short English play. There was a great variety of performances, and this year's stories and comics were some of the best.


 One of my favourite comics was about an eraser who wanted to be famous. He decided to do good things such as cleaning the streets. He thought people would notice his good actions and thank him. But, no-one really noticed. So then he decided to do bad things to get attention. He was noticed - he got arrested by the police.

 I enjoyed this comic because the pictures were amazing and the story was funny but deep. I think that doing things to get attention from other people isn't good because you'll just get frustrated. It's not good to depend on other people for your own happiness - you should do things for yourself, not for the attention others might give you.
私はこのマンガを楽しみました、なぜなら絵は素晴らしく、そして物語は面白く、深かったからです。私が思うに他の人達から注目を集めるためにやることは良いことではないです。なぜなら欲求不満になるだけだからです。あなた自身の幸せのために他の人達に存在してはいけない。他の人が注目を向けたとしてもあなた自身が楽しんでやるべきです。  Translated by Y.M 中2