7th Grade Camp / 中1キャンプ

2016.12.14 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Chancellor Milligan


In July, I had the opportunity to go on the seventh-grade camp in Karuizawa. I had a really great time getting to know some of the students and teachers. The camp is held at a place called Megumi Chalet. Hidden in the woods, the camp climbs up the mountain, having many different levels that you have to climb up stairs to get to.


 When I finally got to my room, I was happy to see that there was a shower in the room. I really like hot spring baths, but sometimes having a personal shower is nice! After the principal's opening speech, the camp was underway. The students did lots of activities that helped them learn more about themselves and each other. They also made delicious hamburgers over an open fire. They were so delicious! I was very grateful for all of the hard work the students put into making them.

 The last night of the camp, the students in my group listened to a special message from Ms. Saima, the Bible teacher. After her message, we had a candlelight vigil. We stood in a circle, lit our candles, and sung a hymn. It was really beautiful!

 After we finished the candlelight vigil, we were not allowed to talk until the next morning. It was really hard to do, but everyone did their best. When we wanted to say something, we had to write it down on a piece of paper.

 I really enjoyed being a part of the seventh-grade camp, and I hope that I can go again sometime in the future!
私は中1キャンプでの一員となって、本当に楽しかった。そしてまたいつか行くことができることを願っています。  Translated by H.H 中2