School Festival 2016 / 2016年度学園祭

2016.12.23 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Sinéad O’ Connor

 In October, we had school festival. Luckily the weather was pretty good. Thursday was actually quite hot. I really like the atmosphere of the preparation day. Everyone is working hard to transform the school into something fantastical. This year's theme was Planet. I really liked the decorations.


 ESS, the English club, performed a play as usual. This year the students wrote an original script for a detective story based on the characters of Lupin and Conan. The story is set at an auction. A 100-karat diamond is stolen and Lupin and Conan, and their friends are involved. In the middle of the play, during the auction scene, there was a musical. It was the entertainment during the auction. Ms. Shimada, an 11th grade student, choreographed the dance. Then she and 5 others danced together, and sang an English song. It was from the movie Hairspray. It was really great.

 I was very impressed with he performance this year. I thought the students all did very well, especially with regards to their facial expressions and the ad-libs they did. It was fun to watch them on stage. I hope they enjoyed themselves and are now motivated to work harder than before.
私は今年の演技にとても感動させられました。生徒たちは皆、特に表情での感情表現やアドリブに対しての配慮や工夫をよく頑張ったと思いました。舞台上の彼女たちを見ているのはとても楽しかったです。彼女たち自身が楽しんでくれたこと、この経験がこれからより頑張っていくためのいい刺激になることを祈っています。   Translated by M.O 高1