Be openminded about Islam

2017.2.14 [Language Center Blog] その他  担当: Written by E.T 高1

 During summer vacation the 10th Grade English Newspaper class were asked to choose a news story and then summarise it. They also had to give their opinion. This is the report that Ms. Tsujiura wrote. She chose the incident in Turkey of the child suicide bomber.


 A bomb worn by a child exploded in the central part of Gaziantep in Turkey. According to President Erudoan 51 people died and 69 people were injured. This case may be IS's crime. The scene is a residential area where there are many Kurds living. According to the residents, there was a wedding party happening in the street at the time.

 I was so sad to hear about this case. IS has killed many people. It is terrible. I don't agree with killing people for any reason. I went to the Islamic Centre in England on George Fox Tour. And I found that Islam isn't scary. Muslim people are just like you and me.

 But before going England, I thought Islam is scary because I only knew about the news, so I think many people think Islam is scary. I'm afraid of that. Also, this case happened during a wedding ceremony. I was so sorry about that. IS recruits young boys and trains them as combatants. It's bad, too. I think the boy wearing the bomb was one of those boys. I hope to see peace in the world soon.
しかし、イギリスに行く前、私はイスラム教が怖かった、なぜなら私はニュースでしか知らなかったからだ。だから大勢の人はイスラム教を恐ろしいと思っていると思う。私はそれが怖い。その上、この事件が起きたのは結婚式の時だった。私はそれがとても悲しい。ISは若い男の子を集め、戦闘員として訓練する。それも悪いこと。爆弾を身につけた少年もその一人だと思う。私は早く世界に平和が訪れることを期待したい。  Translated by S.I 中3