Guest Classes / アメリカからのお客様

2017.2.7 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Sinéad O’Connor

 We have been very lucky this year because we have had a lot of guests come to visit our classes. In November we were extremely lucky as we had two guests who stayed at the school for two weeks. They were Linnea and Mike Stifler. They live in Michigan. Linnea is a priest, and Mike is retired. They have been to Japan many times because their son, Mr. Stifler, lives here.


 They joined a lot of our classes as guest teachers, they also joined our English club, English Lunch, and Linnea offered 'Heart2heart' sessions after school. These sessions were an opportunity for students to meet with Linnea and chat in English for 30 minutes with her about anything they wanted. She also gave a really great speech in morning worship. It was really engaging and easy to understand.

 These two weeks were great because it gave the students enough time to really get to know Linnea and Mike and to build good relationships with them. Also, because they were here for so long they could join a lot of classes and the students could learn about so many different topics. They talked about culture shock, the American education system, the Presidential system, gender roles, and Linnea told them a lot about her childhood growing up in Africa.

  One of my favourite things about our school is that we have so many guests. I especially like when we have our long term guests like Linnea and Mike. I can't wait for our next guests to come.
 私たちの学校の素晴らしい点の1つは、多くのお客様を迎えることです。特に私は、リネイアーさんやマイクさんのように長く滞在してくれるお客様を迎える時が好きです。私は次のお客様を迎えることが待ちきれません。Translated by M.A 中3