Océane さんにインタビュー

2017.2.8 国際交流 -World Friends-
2016年度 AFS長期留学生
Océane Boucault / Sinéad O’ Connor (英語科)


O’Connor:  Please tell me your name.
Océane:  My name is Océane Boucault

O’C: Where are you from?
O: I’m from France.

O’C: When did you come to Japan?
O: I arrived in Japan on March 25th of last year.

O’C: Why did you decide to come to Japan?
O: I have a lot of reasons and it’s hard to explain but I guess because my cousin is half-Japanese so he was born and lived all his life in Japan so basically I’ve heard a lot of things about Japan since my childhood so I was interested in it.

O’C: Did you experience any culture shock?
O: I did a lot of research before coming so I was kind of prepared for almost everything but there were some things. Really small stuff like the shops are open on Sunday, or people don’t drink water at meals they drink tea and they sleep all the time on the trains. It’s like small things but different.

O’C: What do you think of FGS students?
O: They are really cool and adorable girls.

O’C: At school there were many events throughout the year, which was your favourite and why?
O: It’s a good question. I liked the school festival. I was kind of disappointed because we don’t really make stuff in class like I thought we would but I was really surprised because it was really fun to be with my friends and to hang with them just around. It was really fun.

O’C: What did you like about everyday life at FGS?
O: I liked the break between the classes. Everybody was really energetic in the break - we don’t have that in France so it was cool to go to the other classes and just talk with everyone.

O’C: How did you communicate with your friends here?
O: In Japanese.

O’C: Was it difficult?
O: Um…I’m kind of, this is going to sound like I love myself so much, but I’m kind of confident in my Japanese so even if I don’t understand I just ask them to explain it to me and they explain it to me really simply so it’s good communication.

O’C: How did you come to be so good at Japanese?
O: I think my Japanese class helped me a lot but more than that I think just talking to the girls all the time. I think when you do an exchange you just have to talk all the time, like, even if you’re tired you have to make an effort and talk . This is how you get good. Like, I could have good relationship with my host family and all the girls at school and improve my Japanese.

O’C: Would you like to come back to Japan?
O: I really like Japan. I think I won’t live here because there’s still a lot of things I don’t like and I think I would choose somewhere where my mom could live too because she’s really important to me. But just to visit, yeah definitely, to see everyone again.

O’C: What did you learn about yourself while being on exchange?
O: I learned that I’m more sociable than what I thought. Like, in France you have to be really, like, dark and cold all the time to everybody so you seem cool. But here I can be myself because Japanese people are really open-minded and really nice to everybody. It’s simply a more comfortable life.