My life in Tennessee / 私のテネシーでの生活

2017.3.14 [Language Center Blog] その他  担当: Written by F.T 中1

 I stayed in Tennessee in America for two years and a half. I went to an American middle school.


 There are huge differences between Japanese and American schools. First, students don’t have an entrance ceremony in an American school. American schools hold orientation for new students in summer break. They can meet all tier new teachers and classmates who have graduated form the same elementary school and other elementary schools. They learn how to spend time in school and how to do their assignments throughout the year. Classroom teachers and classroom rosters are announced right before the first day of the year. Students go to school as normal from the first day.

 Second, there are several evacuation drills at school. We have an evacuation drill for earthquakes and fires in Japan but in Tennessee they have them once a month for when suspicious people come to the school, for fires, and tornadoes. There are often tornadoes in Tennessee. School buildings are flat and strong. People need to go straight to the lowest floor in the house and stay there until the tornado passes.

 Last, I have done many projects in each subject in America. Projects are assignments that students research for, think carefully about something to know about it on a deeper level and make a presentation. It was a bit hard, it takes a long time to do it and is very interesting for me to finish them because I have to satisfy the teacher’s instructions. The project needed to be eye-catching and show critical thinking. It was hardest to show my critical thinking.

 I had a lot of experiences in The US. These are just a few of them.
私はアメリカで多くの経験をしました。これらは、そのほんの一部です。 Translated by S.T 高1