Why did I decide to come to FGS?

2017.5.18 [Language Center Blog] その他  担当: Written by H. N 高2

 The entrance exams were held at the beginning of February. The new 7th grade students have been accepted into our school. Do you remember why you decided to take the test for FGS? This is a blog written by an 11th grade student about coming to FGS in 7th grade.


 To be honest, I don't clearly remember why I chose FGS. I only remember that when I went to a briefing session I felt the whole school was not so spacious but very beautiful and charming. Having spent 5 years in FGS, my school life has been blossoming. I feel that everything I experience in FGS is indispensable and valuable. This time I'd like to tell you about my three favourite points of FGS.

 Firstly, I enjoy spending a lot of time with my friends. There are many unique and fun classmates here. It's a lot of fun for me to talk with such friends during recess time or lunch time. When talking and laughing with them time often flies. We talk a lot about trivial things, but we sometimes have long talks about serious things like study or our future. My friends are very reliable especially when I'm worried.

 Secondly, I like our school events. For example, toward Sports Day each team unites, regardless of grade, for their team to try to win the championship. I feel it is the good point of students at FGS. Additionally, when School Festival is approaching everyone cooperates with each other and the school buildings gradually get decorated. It is my delight once a year.

 Lastly, I have a small daily pleasure in my school life. It is to see Tokyo Tower from the school grounds. I have been a member of the badminton club since I was in 7th grade. Almost every time I get out of the gym after club activities we can see Tokyo Tower illuminated in different colours every day. To see it is one of my favourite things.

 As I have said, FGS has many attractive points. What I talked about is a part of that. If you become a FGS student please try finding some other charms of our school.
このように、普連土には多くの心惹かれるところがあります。私がお話ししたのはその一部です。普連土生になったのなら、ぜひ学校の他の魅力も見つけてみてください。   Translated by K.E 高1

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