A Surprise From Kenya / ケニアからのサプライズ

2017.5.12 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Sinéad O’ Connor

 Last week I got a big brown envelope in the mail. It was from the Statehouse Girls School in Kenya. They wrote us letters to tell us how happy they are to talk with us on Skype. The letters are really sweet and honest. The students at Statehouse Girls School said they had never talked with someone from Japan before, or they had never talked with people who look Asian. They are really happy to be able to make friends with us.


 At the end of this month the teacher who is in charge of the Japanese club at the Statehouse Girls School will change, but we plan to continue skyping with them and plan to make our relationship stronger. Maybe some day we will go to Kenya to visit them, or maybe someday they will come to visit us. I'm looking forward to making our friendship more meaningful.
今月の終わりにステートハウス女学校の日本クラブの顧問の先生が変わりますが、私達は彼女達とのスカイプを続けることを計画していて、私達との関係を更に強くするつもりですりです。多分いつか、私達が彼女達を訪ねてケニアへ行くか、彼女達が私達の元へ来るでしょう。私は、私達の友情が更に有意義になることを楽しみにしています。   Translated by R.T 中3