A Trip to Atami / 熱海の旅行

2017.6.22 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Sinéad O’ Connor

news17061902  Last week I went to Atami with my friend. I hadn't been there for many years. I was surprised that Atami is in Shizuoka - I had always thought it was in Kanagawa.


 We were really lucky because the weather was beautiful - it was sunny and warm, but not hot. When we arrived at the station we went down to Sun Beach. There were lots of families there and so many little kids were playing in the water. We walked around for about 2 hours.

 After that we decided to go for lunch. Atami is pretty famous for seafood, so of course we had to eat it. I like some fish, but not all fish - and there are still many fish that I can't eat. When my dish arrived I saw lots of sashimi, ikura and shirasu on rice. I really like sashimi, and ikura is fun to eat so I was happy. I haven't really eaten shirasu so I was nervous. I picked up one shirasu with my chopsticks but I made eye-contact with it and it scared me. I don't like to eat fish eyes. After making eye contact with that shirasu I looked at my bowl and made eye contact with about 100 shirasu who were sitting on top of my rice. I couldn't eat them even though I was so hungry!! My friend said I was crazy! Maybe I am!

 At the end of the day we ate ice cream, so I was happy. I had rose ice cream and my friend had cherry ice cream.

 Can you eat shirasu? Do you make eye contact with your food that has eyes?
あなたはシラスを食べられますか?また、食べものとアイコンタクトをとることはないですか?   Translated by M.H 高2