Small Worship / 少人数礼拝

2017.6.19 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Sinéad O’ Connor


 Today I went to small worship in the meditation room. It was my first time. I was really surprised because there were so many students there. I was really happy. I didn't think that so many students would be interested in that kind of worship, but there were lots of students who attended.


 Wednesday is usually silent worship and in the kōdo we all sit in perfect silence, but today in small worship Mr. Stifler, Ms. Yamamoto, and Mrs. Hatanaka stood up and spoke just a little. They hadn't planned to speak, they just suddenly felt like sharing a small message with us. Each message was one of thanks and happiness. It was nice to hear short, positive messages like that.

 I think I prefer this small worship to regular worship. The reason is that in the small worship I really felt like we were close, like we were part of a community. I want to go to small worship again next time.
私は通常の礼拝よりこの少人数礼拝のほうが好きです。少人数礼拝では、私は皆との近さ、一つの共同体の一員のようなものを本当に感じるからです。またこの礼拝に行きたいです。   Translated by S.T 高1