Lima, Peru / ペルーとスカイプセッション

2017.9.9 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Sinéad O’ Connor


 This morning we had a Skype session with two girls who live in Peru. They are actually Japanese but they moved to Peru 2 years ago because of their father's job. Kaho is in elementary school, and Kano is in middle school. They go to an international school so they speak English well.


 They also study Spanish. After school they have club activities. Kaho is in track and field. Kano is in track and field, and volleyball. They have activities twice a week. In their free time they go mountain climbing and swimming at the pool. They really like to live in Peru - the food is delicious and they have friends from many different countries.

 They can easily visit many different countries. Last month they went to America. They visited New York. Last winter vacation they went to the Amazon for two weeks. Many of Friends School 7th grade students came to talk with them. I was surprised because everyone spoke English - I thought that they would speak Japanese because everyone is from Japan. It was a really fun time.
彼女達は簡単に他の国に行く事が出来ます。先月はアメリカに行き、ニューヨークを訪れました。去年の冬は2週間アマゾンに行きました。今回は沢山の普連土学園の中一の生徒が彼女達と話しに来てくれました。私は、皆さんは日本人だから日本語で話すと思っていたので、英語で話していた事に驚きました。本当に楽しい時間でした。   Translated by H.K 高2