Exams for University / 大学受験に必要な試験

2017.10.2 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Sinéad O’ Connor

 This week everyone is doing tests. The midterm exams are a stressful time for many students. Right now in Ireland the 9th grade students and 12th grade students are taking tests, too. These tests are the end of year tests and last for 1 month.


 The 9th grade exams are called The Junior Certificate. All 9th grade students take the same test at the same time. If they pass they can go to high school. They take tests in 13 subjects. Many subjects have 2 tests. Each test lasts about 90 minutes.
The 12th grade exams are called The Leaving Certificate. All 12th grade students take the same subject on the same day. Each subject has 3 different levels - foundation (easy), ordinary (regular), and honours (advanced).
中学三年生の試験は The Junior Certificateと呼ばれていて、全ての生徒が同時に同じテストを受けます。このテストに合格することで、高校へ進学することができるのです。13の教科でテストを受けることになっており、多くは一教科につき2つのテストがあり、実施時間はおよそ90分間です。高校三年生の試験は The Leaving Certificateと呼ばれ、このテストでもまた全高校三年生が同時に同じテストを受けます。各教科はベーシック、レギュラー、アドバンスド、と習熟度別に3段階で分かれています。

 Each level is worth points. The highest points for foundation is 60. The highest points for ordinary is 80. The highest points for honours is 100. I can add the score from 6 subjects. These points are needed if you want to go to university. Each university department tells us which subjects we have to take a test in and how many points we need.

 When I was in 12th grade I wanted to study journalism in university in Dublin. The university said I needed to take tests for English, Irish, French, and math. And I needed a final total of 540 points. So I took tests for Business Studies and Home Economics, too.

 I passed all the exams but my total points was only 500 so I couldn't study Journalism. Instead, I went to my second choice school to study English Literature. I needed the same subjects but only 480 points. I was sad at first, but my new path was the best for me.
全ての試験に合格することができたのですが、私の得点は500点で、必要な点数には届きませんでした。そこでジャーナリズムを専攻することを諦め、代わりに第二希望だった英文学を学ぶことにしました。受験に必要な教科は同じで、必要な得点は480点だったのです。確かに当初は悲しかったのですが、その新しい道が自分にとっては一番だったと思います。   Translated by S.O 高2