A surprise visitor / 旧友が普連土に来ました

2017.10.23 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Sinéad O’ Connor

 On Tuesday we had a surprise visitor - it was Kira!! Do you remember Kira? She was an exchange student from America who was here at FGS 2 years ago. She's now a university student in Indiana, America. She studies international business. She works 2 part time jobs to help pay for university.

火曜日、驚きのお客様が来校しました。キラでした。キラを覚えていますか? 彼女は、二年前にアメリカから普連土に来た留学生です。今はアメリカのインディアナ州の大学に通っています。大学では、国際的な仕事について勉強しています。彼女は大学に払うお金を稼ぐための、二つのアルバイトをしています。

 She is in Japan on vacation for one month. She really wanted to visit FGS and see everyone again. On Tuesday she had lunch with her friends in Ko3. Then she joined my CCU class. She and the students talked about the difference in communication styles between Japan and America as well as stereotypes of America. After that she stayed in the Language Centre until about 5:30 talking with us and the students who dropped by.

 It was great to see her and to hear all about her life since leaving us 2 years ago. I hope to see her again in the future.
彼女に会い、普連土から母国に帰ってからの2年間について聞くことができ、とてもよかったです。将来、また彼女と会いたいです。   Translated by M.Y 高1