American Guests / アメリカのお客さま

2017.11.27 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Daniel Stifler

 On Monday we had some special guests from the United States. Their names are Diana and Gil, and they both work as therapists in Oregon, in the United States. Diana is a graduate of Earlham College, the school which both Mr. Milligan and I graduated from (and Ms. Bush, and Mrs. Hatanaka's sister, and...).


 Diana and Gil joined us for our tenth grade oral communication class. They were a great help to us, and very enjoyable to talk to. They were impressed by our students, and I think they enjoyed their visit!

 It’s always nice to welcome guests like Gil and Diane to school. It shows how big our community is here at Friends School. It’s also a good chance for the students to practice their English and social skills in a natural setting.
ダイアナさんやギルさんのようなゲストをお迎えすることは素晴らしいことで、普連土学園のコミュニティの広さも伺えます。また、生徒にとっても自然な環境で英語や社交性を学ぶのにとても良い機会です。   Translated by M.K 高1