Community / 関わり

2017.11.8 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Sinéad O’Connor


 Right now, here in the Language Centre, we are preparing for English Camp. It starts on Sunday. Our theme at Camp is community and our place at FGS. I like this topic because we can learn a lot about the history of where we are. We can see how the students and teachers in the past worked hard so we can have a nice, comfortable school to call ours.


 Last week I got back from the George Fox Tour. There, I met many British Quakers. Some of them had visited our school or the Meeting House here in Tokyo. Others had met teachers from here who joined the George Fox Tour in the past. I felt happy because I felt like I belonged to a community. I didn't know these British Quakers but they weren't strangers to me because they knew so many people I know. We could talk about many things. It was a lot of fun. It helped me ask questions about Quakerism and to make new friends.

 I hope that English camp will help the students see that FGS is more than just a place to study - it's a place to grow, a place to make friends, a safe place to make mistakes, a place to become a good person.
I also hope that more of our students can meet Quakers from around the world - they can offer a different view of what Quakerism means.
私は、先程申し上げたイングリッシュキャンプのおかげで、生徒達が、この普連土学園は、勉強するためだけの場所ではなく、育つ場所、友達を作る場所、安心して失敗が出来る場所、正しい道を歩く人になる場所、であることに気づいてほしいのです。また、多くの生徒が世界中のクエーカーに出会えて、彼らに、異なる視点からの信仰の意味について教えてもらえるようになってほしいのです。   Translated by H.K 高1