Bonjour from France / フランスからボンジュール

2017.12.13 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Sinéad O’Connor


 Today after school we skyped with Océane. It was so good to see her. She went back to France in February this year. A lot of students came to talk with her - many of them were from the volleyball club.


 The time difference between France and Japan is 8 hours, so Océane was getting ready to go to school. The system in France is more relaxed than Japan. We talked until 10 a.m French time, and she was going to go to school then. It's so late compared to us!! She said that in her class there are about 37 students and only 5 are boys!! The poor boys!! She doesn't wear a uniform and can wear nail varnish and lipstick. She looked very different from when she was a student here. But, she looked really cool!!

 It's nice to stay in touch with old friends. I hope we can Skype with her again soon.
旧友と連絡を取り合うのはいいですね。又すぐにスカイプしたいです。   Translated by O.M 高1