Valentine’s Day in America /

2018.2.5 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Chancellor Milligan

 It's February, and soon we will celebrate the most romantic holiday of the year, Valentine's Day! In America, we have many different things that we do to celebrate the holiday. In Elementary school, many students will get little cards with popular characters on them that say phrases like, "Be my valentine" or "Happy Valentine's Day".

2月になってすぐ、私達は1年で最もロマンティックな休日、バレンタインデーをよく祝うものだ。アメリカでは、休日を祝うことでたくさん違うことがある。小学校では、たくさんの生徒が小さなカードをもらえて、そのカードには人気なキャラクターが載っていて ”私のバレンタインになって” か ”幸せなバレンタインデーを” と書いてある。

 When students are in junior high and high school, they start giving each other stuffed animals, chocolates, and sometimes flowers! When I was in high school, people who received something from someone else had to go to the teachers’ office to get it. There were always lots of balloons, flowers, chocolates, and huge teddy bears in the office.

 In college, you could pay some money to some of the singing groups and they would go and sing a love song to someone for Valentine's Day. It was really nice to hear their beautiful voices, even if the song they were singing wasn't for you. Many people in America buy chocolates, cards, and other things for their boyfriends or girlfriends, but gifts for friends and family members is not unusual.
大学では、歌手グループのいくつかにお金を払うことができ、彼らはバレンタインデーに誰かにラブソングを歌いに行った。たとえ彼らが歌った歌があなたのためではなくても、彼らの美しい声を聞くことはとても素敵だった。アメリカのたくさんの人々が彼らの彼氏または彼女のためにチョコレート、カード、そして他のものを買う、しかし友達と家族のための贈り物は珍しいことではない。   Translated by R.O 中3