Sports Day 2018 / 体育祭2018

2018.7.11 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Sinéad O’ Connor

 We had our Sports festival last week. It was a lot of fun. It's one of my favourite events at school. It's nice that we go to a different venue, and the fact that parents come is lovely. It really feels like a community. I talked with a lot of moms and dads, I also talked our exchange students' host family. I enjoyed talking with them about the experiences of the students and the families. They are making plans for summer vacation and it sounds like such fun.


 My favourite event at the spirts day is the obstacle course. It's frightening but enjoyable to watch. I couldn't do it, but the students are such younger and fitter so they are very capable. They run so fast and they really do their best. In Ireland, we only have sports festivals in elementary school. It's mostly relays and races. My favourite relay was the egg and spoon race - I never won but it was fun to try.
私が体育祭でお気に入りの競技は障害物競争です。障害物競争はとても怖いですが見るのは楽しいです。私はできませんが、生徒達は若ぐとても能力があり適しています。彼らは走るのが速く、ベストを尽くしていました。アイルランドでは、体育祭は小学校でしか行われず、ほとんどがリレーやレースだけです。私のお気に入りのリレーは、スプーンに卵を乗せて走るというものでした。そのレースで一度も勝ったことはありませんでしたが楽しかったです。  Translated by F.Y 高2