English Challenge / イングリッシュ・チャレンジ

2018.11.20 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Sinéad O’Connor


 Recently we had English Challenge. English Challenge is an English event for 9th grade students. There are 5 contests; drama, singing, speech, story writing, and comic writing.
We had some excellent stories and comics this year. I was really amazed at the topics the students tackled - they were all very deep and made me think about my life. Some of the topics include LGBTQ, death, regret, human nature, discrimination and teamwork. They were really fantastic.


 The drama and singing contests were also amazing. It was so difficult to choose the winners. One drama group did a musical and it was so cool. They sang and danced and really entertained us. Other groups had a lot of funny moments in their plays. The singing groups were very cool - we had guitarists, pianists, and tambourine players. They sang songs by Taylor Swift, 1D, and Journey.
ドラマと歌のコンテストもまた素晴らしかったです。だから、勝者を選ぶのはなかなか大変でした。ひとつのドラマグループはミュージカルをやっていて、とてもかっこよかったです。彼女達が歌ったり、ダンスをしたりするのは、私達を楽しませました。他のグループでは沢山の笑いどころが劇に組み込まれていました。歌うグループはとてもかっこよかったです。ギターリスト達やピアニスト達、タンバリンをたたく人達がいました。彼女達はTaylor Swiftや1D、Journeyの歌を歌いました。

 The speeches were quite excellent. One student talked about Japanese culture that seems to be popular overseas, and another talked about how to be successful in learning. They were very informative.

 Overall, we had about 120 students take part in English Challenge and just over 100 9th grade students come to watch the performances. A lot of teachers also came to support the students. It was a wonderful day and I have a lot of good memories thanks to everyone.
全員で約120人の生徒達がイングリッシュ・チャレンジに参加し、約100人中学3年生の生徒達がパホーマンスを見にきました。沢山の先生達も生徒達をサポートしに来ました。それは、素敵な日となり、私はみんなのおかげで沢山の良い思い出を作ることができました。   Translated by I.K & Y.K 中1