Halloween at FGS(普連土のハロウィン)

2020.11.5 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Sinéad O’ Connor

 Recently the junior high school students got iPads. We have used them in the high school for a while now and it’s been helpful in classes. It’s also nice to be using a lot less paper in our classes.

 We did a special Halloween-themed lesson for the 7th graders for which all materials were online. It was fun to see them work together through the app. We were able to do a real-time class vocabulary hunt which allowed all students to participate at the same time while also keeping distance. My favorite activity of the day was a sort of internet scavenger hunt quiz. I wanted the students to learn about the history of Halloween but wanted it to be more active. The students had some sentences about Halloween which they needed to decide were true or false. First, they deciphered the meaning of the sentences without dictionaries or translation software, then they searched online to find out whether it was true or false. I enjoyed watching them work together to figure out the meaning of the sentences and then try online searches to learn the history of Halloween.

 The students are naturally apt to use technology so it felt good to let them see how they can do that to increase their English abilities.


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