Multipurpose English / 多目的な演習

2020.12.2 [Language Center Blog] その他  担当: Sinéad O’ Connor

 We have had a busy few weeks here in the Language Centre. In November there were 3 official EIKEN tests and 1 official TEAP test. Many of the high school students are working hard to pass the upper levels of these tests for their university entrance exams. Of course we are willing and able to do test simulations with them and offer feedback on their test taking skills, but it’s very important to remember that the best way to build their language abilities is to take advantage of the range of opportunities available at school.

 In 9th grade the students take a weekly English class in the style of Studio English. I teach the Energy Zone which is where the students do have more opportunities to work as a team and out their energy towards completing tasks or projects using English. One activity I like to do before EIKEN month is a basic picture dictation. This usually encourages the students to use a variety of grammar and vocabulary as well as communication skills such as elaborating on something, asking clarifying questions, and so on. While it’s fun to see how their pictures compare with the original picture at the end of the activity, it also allows them a visual representation of their communicative ability and pushes them to ask more questions or give more details when speaking.


 写真は中3の英語で行った「Picture Dictation」の様子です。生徒同士がペアになって絵を英語で相手に伝えます。これによって文法や語彙力が増すばかりでなく、説明や質問といったコミュニケーションスキルも高めることにつながっています。

news2020120202 中3英語の授業「Picture Dictation」