Nice to meet you, I’m Zsófi / はじめまして、私はゾフィーです。

2023.5.15 [Language Center Blog] 留学生  担当: Zsófi Lang(高2)

 My name is Zsófi and I’m from Hungary. I’m one of the exchange students in the Friends school. But why I chose Japan? I always wanted to live in Asia; this country was the closest to my heart and style. The language is one of the most difficult in the world so I think that’s the easiest way to learn it when I live here.

 I arrived in Tokyo in the middle of august and I started school here in September. So I’m here almost 6 months already but the time just flying for me. I’m always exploring the city and finding new spots whenever I have the chance. Now I can’t choose my favorite place but my favorite experience all the more.

 During the winter break, I was traveling with my host family. I had opportunities to visit Osaka, Hiroshima, and Miyajima. I spend new year’s eve in Osaka to experience how this season usually looks there. On the first day of the year, a went to Miyajima. I spent there just one night but this was the most amazing place I ever saw in my life. The nature, temples, and the feeling there were just incredible. I was in Hiroshima for a few hours the next day, but we tried to enjoy ourselves there as much as possible. I tried traditional Japanese food at all these places and visited the most popular buildings and parks. I hope I can travel more in the future because there are more amazing cities and towns.

 I'm learning Japanese since September, and now luckily a started to understand and speak. It is harder than I imagined but I practice so much. I hope when I go home my Japanese knowledge will be enough to talk about everything.

 I’m here until July and now I have a lot of memories, too so it’s hard to imagine how many experiences I will have when I go home.





 私は7月までここにいますが、すでにたくさんの思い出があるので、家に帰るときにはどれほどのたくさんの経験があるか想像できないほどです。 Translated by T.H 高2