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2023.10.4 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Sinead O ‘ Connor

 In June we had a visit from Silvia, a Spanish teacher, from the Lincoln Friends School in Rhode Island. We have had contact with teachers and students at the Lincoln Friends School for about a year now and Silvia was the second teacher to visit us. She stayed for three days and met with many teachers and students. We had two special English Lunches while she was here and the students really enjoyed learning about another all-girls Friends School.
 Silvia, who is originally from Colombia, also taught us some Spanish. On the last day of her stay with us she made a speech in morning worship. She talked about why she wanted to visit us and what she learned. She, in both her personal life and professional life, likes to live a simple and peaceful life. She sees a lot of beauty and simplicity in Japanese culture and hopes to tide that to live better when she returns to America. I’m so happy that the pandemic is essentially over and we are able to go back to welcoming guests from all over the world to our school. It offers an invaluable experience for our students while also helping us as a school to build contacts and make relationships with other educators.

Translated by Y.Y 高2