2016.2.5 国際交流 -World Friends-
Kira Binkley / Daniel Stifler(英語科)

Stifler: Tell me your name
Kira: Kira Binkley

S: And where are you from?
K: I’m from Kentucky, in the United States.

S: How long have you been in Japan?
K: Almost ten months.

S: What do you think of Friends School students?
K: They’re happy-go-lucky.

S: You might have to explain “happy-go-lucky” What does that mean?
K: They’re always happy, and ready to do anything.

S: You eat lunch in the classroom most days, right? What do you talk about with your friends?
K: Usually our plans to meet up on the next holiday. We like to go out ? to Sky Tree, to shrines, to Kamakura.

S: What did you think of Kamakura?
K: I really liked the giant Buddha statue.

S: When you talk to students, do you talk to them in English or in Japanese?
K: Now I speak in Japanese, but if I don’t know the word, I speak in English and hope they understand.

S: Do they usually understand?
K: Yeah, they usually do.

S: You’ve been on a few school trips, to sports festival and school festival. What school event did you enjoy the most?
K: I liked the sports festival. It was fun. I liked the dances. My class did The Mickey Mouse Club March.

S: Can you still do it now?
K: I couldn’t do it then!

S: Sports Festival is very different from anything we would have in an American school, right?

K: Yeah. But it was pretty interesting, because everybody seemed like they had practiced hard beforehand so that they could do what they were supposed to do.

S: Your Japanese is excellent now. How did you become so good?
K: I studied a lot. And I talked with my friends. They helped me when I didn’t know a word.

S: Do you have a favorite Japanese word?
K: *Kira Kira*, since it’s my name.

S: Would you like to come back to Japan?
K: Yes! I plan to during college. And I’d like to live in Japan in the future.

S: Wow, so it’s been a positive experience for you?
K: Yeah. For sure.