Genevieve ジュネヴィーブ

2016.6.25 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Kayla Allen

 So, I've been lucky. I've lived with a LOT of dogs in my lifetime. I want to write about Genevieve (Genny).


 My family got Genny after our first dog, Mina, passed away. I was in 1st grade, so maybe 7 or 8 years old. We got Genny from a nice woman who raises Golden Retrievers.

 I remember, we named her after watching a TV show. Genevieve is a dog from a TV show called Madeleine. In the show, Genevieve saves Madeleine from drowning, and Madeleine takes Genevieve home with her. So, we named our new puppy Genevieve.

 Our Genevieve was a crazy dog. She liked to eat everything. One time she ate a whole bag of chocolate candy, including the wrappers. She also liked to sleep on my bed with me. Sometimes she would take up the whole bed, and I would have nowhere to sleep!

 She was SO cute, SO funny, and SO wonderful. I was lucky to have her for a pet.
  Translated by Y.H 高1