Blue! My new cat!!  ブルー!私の新しい猫!

2016.8.19 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Kayla Allen

 Two weeks ago, I adopted a cat! His name is Blue! Isn't he beautiful? I think he looks like an Emperor. He's 9 years old but he looks very young.


 I adopted him from an animal organisation called Animal Refuge Kansai. He had one or two owners before me, but they all had to give him back to the organisation. I am very lucky!

 The first week, I was very worried. Having an animal is a huge responsibility, and I didn't really understand until I brought Blue home. He meowed all night long so I bought some really nice noise-cancelling headphones. His litter also made me very sick, because its dust irritated my nose and throat like an allergy would. He was also very scared, and he hid under my couch all the time. It took him about a week to become comfortable in his new home.

 Now, I sleep much better thanks to the headphones. I changed Blue's litter and I feel much better too. Also, Blue isn't scared anymore (unless the doorbell rings). He loves being with me and I love being with him. Our special time is when I get home from school. He sits on my lap and I pet him. Sometimes he lies there for hours.
今、私はヘッドフォンのお陰でずっとよく寝られます。私はブルーの猫用トイレを変えました。そして、私は快適に感じられるようになりました。ブルーもドアのベル以外は全く怖がらなくなりました。私が学校から自宅したのは私たちの特別な時間です。彼は私の膝の上 に座って私は彼を可愛がります。時々彼は何時間も私の膝の上で寝ころがります。

 I think Blue and I will have a lot of fun together. I'm excited to see how our relationship grows!
私はブルーと一緒に沢山の楽しいことをしたいと考えます。私は私達の関係性がどのように変更していくかを見ることにワクワクしています。  Translated by A.Y 中2