New Friends from Friends Academy

2016.8.23 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Kayla Allen

 Recently, students from Friends Academy in New York came to visit our school! There were 3 teachers and about 15 American kids running around our campus! First, Tea Ceremony Club performed a wonderful tea ceremony with them. For most of the students, it was their first time trying matcha!


 After the tea ceremony, many students went and danced together in Rhoad's Hall, and some of our Basketball Club played a game of basketball against the American boys!

 We all separated for lunch, but soon, the American students joined our ESS for a trip to the Edo-Tokyo Museum. Mr. Stifler and Ms. O' Connor prepared an exciting scavenger hunt to get the students interested in the exhibits. We walked around for about an hour, posing for pictures, and learning more about Tokyo's history. We had a great time!

 The best part for our students was getting to meet new people and speak English with kids the same age as them. For me, it was nice because I wasn't the loudest person in the room, as I usually am. The students were way louder than me. It was such fun.
普連土の生徒にとって一番良かったのは、新しい友達と出会い、同年代の男の子たちと英語で話すことができたことです。私にとっても良いがありました。いつものように部屋の中で私が一番騒々しい人で無かったからです。生徒たちは私よりとても元気でした。とても楽しかったです。  Translated by S.A 高1