TEE - Year 11 Discussion Class
TEE - 高2のティスカッションクラス

2016.10.7 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Sinéad O’ Connor


 I first visited FGS in November 2011. I was a guest in Ms. Newbold's TEE discussion class. It was only my second time in a Japanese school.


 For that class, I asked her students to prepare to talk about Aesop's fables - I wanted to talk a little about morals in stories. The class was amazing!! The students were so talkative and friendly - we chatted about ourselves for a long time, and then began discussing fables. I was really amazed by the students' level of English as well as their original and logical ideas and opinions.

 A few months later, in July 2012, I started to work here at FGS. I was very excited to be able to teach my own TEE class. Just like the class in November, my class in July was filled with bright, intelligent, and deep-thinking students.

 Now, 4 years later, TEE is one of my favourite classes to teach - it's not like work at all. I learn a lot of new things even though I'm the teacher!! We will have a test in TEE - the students need to take turns teaching the class for 30 minutes in English only. They can choose the topic - anything is fine. So far, we have talked about the education system in China, animal rights, and Japanese politics. Next week's topics are abortion, drugs, and Apple. I'm really looking forward to hearing what the students have to say.
4年が経った今、TEEは私のお気に入りの授業の1つです。それは全然仕事のようなものではありません。私は教師であるにも関わらず、たくさんの新しいことをそこで学べます。TEEの中でテストを設ける予定でう。それは生徒が順番に英語だけで授業をするというものです。生徒達は主題を選べます。それは何でも良いです。今までは私達は中国の教育のシステムや動物の権利、日本の政治について話してきました。来週の主題は妊娠中絶やドラグ、アップルについてです。私は生徒達がどんなことを言うのか聞くのを本当に楽しみにしています。   Translated by S.K 高1