I’m going to America

2017.1.31 [Language Center Blog] その他  担当: Written by S.T 高1

 It has been my dream to study abroad since I was in elementary school. Also, the people around me have been saying to me 'you should go abroad'. Of course, I've wanted to study abroad myself, but luckily my environment gave me the chance. What I mean is my family and friends encouraged me. I will go abroad in the summer next year.


 I will go to The United States for 10 months. I have two reasons why I chose America as the country in which I will study. One is that America has many people who have 'a difference'. The word refers to home country, background, and sense of value. I want to touch or know these different values. And the other reason is related to my hope which is to work for the UN and to spread education to children who cannot get a formal education. And so I have to make connections. Therefore, I chose America.

 I have been abroad only once. I went to The UK. It was just for 11 days, but the experience helped to make my dream real. This time, in going to America, the most difficult thing will be to study in English at an American school because at American schools they study all subjects in English. My English is still terrible so to take notes in English should be difficult for me. Also, American schools give a lot of homework, so doing homework by myself will also be difficult for me. The thing I'm most worried about is my host family. I don't know who will be my host family until one or two weeks before I go so I'm really worried about whether I'll get along with them or not.

 I'm really excited to go, though. I hope I have a good time. I think I can learn many things about myself and other people.
しかし、留学自体はとても楽しみです。楽しい時間を過ごせるといいです。他の人について、そして自分自身についてもいろいろと知ることができると思います Translated by T.B 高1