My life in China / 中国での生活

2017.2.23 [Language Center Blog] その他  担当: Written by A.L 中2

 The hardest thing for me while living in a different country is the expectation on students to study. When I was at an International School, we learned math by adding a little to the topic each year. It’s a way to help students whose level is a bit low. I do think it’s a nice system but I didn’t feel that I was learning new things. But when I went to a Chinese school the level of math was very high. They were already moving forward very fast and it was very hard to keep up with them. After I studied there for one year I moved to Japan. Japanese school’s math is very interesting. Most of what I learn in Japan I had already learned in China.


 The problems are a bit different but it’s very fun to study textbooks from three different countries. It wasn’t easy at all, and that not only a comment on the math class.
At the International school we had a bunch of homework everyday. We reviewed what we had learned by doing homework. The Chinese school also gave a lot of homework, especially at the weekend. We had to write 500 words every week. However, in Japan we don’t have much homework. We must study by ourself. I don’t like to do much homework so I like the Japanese system.

 The other difference between schools was school size. The International school and the Chinese school are both very huge. We would need 5 more FGS schoolyards for my Chinese school. Well, how big the country is should explain the difference in school size.

 I do miss China. I miss the delicious food. I also miss my old school and old friends. But I don’t feel sad because I have my new friends and a new school here.
私は、中国が恋しいです。私は、その美味しい料理が恋しいです。私はまた、私の元々いた学校やその友達が恋しいです。でも、私は悲しくありません。なぜなら、私には新しい友達と新しい学校がここにあるからです。 Translated by M.A 高1