My Dream Has Come True / 夢は叶う

2017.3.24 [Language Center Blog] その他  担当: Written by M.A 高1


 When I was 11 years old I went to Canada alone and I joined a camp there. There were no other Japanese people so I needed to speak English. It was hard for me but I enjoyed the camp very much. I could make friends even without speaking perfect English. Since then, studying abroad in a foreign country in high school has become my dream.


 I'll leave Japan next summer. I'm going to the USA. I want to study English more. America has a strong relationship with Japan so I want to know more about the country. I think that I will be able understand a lot of what they say but I feel that I can't speak well. It's sometimes difficult for me to express myself. That's why I worry about studying at a local American school. The classes are all in English.

 I'm excited about the differences in America. The culture will be completely different. I think that there are some Americans who know a little about Japanese culture, but I want to tell them more. And I want to know more about America, too.

 For to prepare to go to America I study English vocabulary and I read the American news. I think it's important for me to spend time in America and to talk with my host family and friends.  

 Now, I’m not good enough to study abroad so I feel I have to study more.
今はまだ留学するのに充分とはいえないので、もっと勉強しなければと感じています。 Translated by M.S 高1