Elementary School Life in London

2017.4.4 [Language Center Blog] その他  担当: Written by H.T 中1


My study abroad was about 5 years ago, when I was seven or eight years old (an elementary school student). Due to that my school life memory isn’ t very clear.


 I went to London for one year because I wanted to use English to communicate with other foreigners, I thought communicating with foreigners was amazing. I went there alone - my parents stayed in Japan. I had a wonderful time.

 I stayed in a dormitory and my matron took care of us. The matron is the woman who takes care of the students who live at the school. Our dormitory was very big. We had a big playground outside and I used to ride on the seesaw with my friends. In winter we made a huge snowman but it melted by the next morning. From Monday to Friday we got up at six and got ready for school, we ate breakfast in the dining hall. The food was always buffet style but it wasn’t delicious at all. It was disgusting. My school was a Christian school so before we ate anything we had to sing a hymn. After my school lessons I usually went to club. On Monday and Wednesday I went to ESS club. There, I wrote some short stories on the computer or read a long story and answered questions. On Tuesday, I went to a baking club. There, I made some cakes or pies. On Friday, I went to rock climbing club. We used rocks that were stuck to the wall. This was very scary and difficult. On Saturday morning we went to church near the dormitory and prayed to God. On Sunday night, we watched movies while eating snacks. My grade had to go to bed at eight-thirty but this was too early - it was impossible to sleep.

 I sometimes went to my friends’ houses. My friend Jade is Italian but she speaks English too. She has a very big garden and two lovely, big, black dogs. The house has three storeys and each room is very large. I couldn’t believe how large her house is!! My other friend is a girl called Megan. She is British and has a big house just like Jade. Surprisingly, her house is made of red bricks. It was so romantic. From visiting these houses I noticed most foreigners live in houses, not apartments.

 At that time I had trouble with singing hymns in English or using a knife and fork for supper. Now I realise that Friends School and my old school are similar because they are both Christian schools. It makes me happy.

 Anyway, this was my school life in London. I couldn’t tell you everything but I hope you enjoyed my experiences. Thank you.
ありがとうございました。   Translated by K.A 高1