Talking Politics with Ms. Bush /

2017.9.26 [Language Center Blog] その他  担当: Written by N.S高3


 I talked with Ms. Bush on Skype a few weeks ago here at school. It was the first chance I could talk with her since she went back to America, so obviously we chatted and caught up on each other's life, but we also talked about American politics.
I'm interested in American politics even though I have only a little knowledge about it. Needless to say, they must be so different from Japanese politics that we have to learn about them.


 I assumed that Mr. Trump would lose the election - so did everyone here. We were really surprised that he was elected the next president of the USA. Ms. Bush seems to be a Clinton supporter and she showed me many of her goods such as pins or badges. In Japan it's not normal to buy goods to show support of politics so I was surprised.

 Ms. Bush also seemed to be concerned about her lesbian and gay friends since Trump openly stated that he thinks homosexuals are inferior to heterosexuals. Anyway I was very much surprised but nothing can be changed about his statement now, and the election was played fairly. Therefore, I think we must just hope that he can be a great president for all Americans.

 Of course, his victory will have a great influence on Japan, too. He might enable Japan to have nuclear weapons. Japan is the only country to have been victimised by them so we have a responsibility to educate others that they are such horribly destructive things. We shouldn't encourage or take part in their use ever.

I really worry about what the future holds, but I was glad to talk openly with Ms. Bush about it.
私は将来どのようなことが待ち受けているのか本当に不安ですが、ブッシュ先生とそのようなことを率直に話せてうれしかったです。   Translated by C.N 高3