My Friend Sidy / 私の友人シディ

2017.11.18 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Daniel Stifler


 This is a video of my friend Sidy. He is from Senegal, on the west coast of Africa. He was a professional musician in Senegal, and is working in Japan playing music and teaching people how to play drums. A couple weeks ago, there was an international festival in Tsukuba. Sidy had a performance, so I took my children to see him play. It was an excellent performance.


 The funny thing about my friendship with Sidy is that we do not share a common language. He is studying Japanese right now, but it is still difficult for him to communicate in Japanese, and he doesn't speak English. I don't speak Wolof, which is the language Sidy speaks in Senegal, so we have to communicate using gestures and smiles. Sidy can use music to communicate, too!
シディーと私の関係で面白いのは、2人の間に共通語が無い所です。彼は日本語を勉強している最中で、日本語で意思疎通をはかるのはまだ難しく、英語は話せません。私も彼がセネガルで話すウォロフ語を話すことは出来ないので、ジェスチャーと笑顔でコミュニケーションを取る必要があります。シディーは音楽も使えますが...!   Translated by K.E 高1