Study Abroad at Hobart Friends School /

2018.1.18 [Language Center Blog] その他  担当: Written by S.T 高3

 I went to study abroad at our sister school in Hobart, Australia last summer for 3 weeks. It was a really great experience. I learned a lot about myself and Australian school culture.


 There are a lot of differences between Friends School Tokyo and The Hobart Friends School. There is a twenty-minute recess in The Hobart Friends School. The students bring a snack for this recess. My host mother gave me an apple or a pear to bring to school everyday. Japanese people usually cut it in eight pieces when they eat apples but Australian people eat them whole. Moreover, my classmates recommended sitting on the desk to me when I was standing. Neither culture is common in Japan. At first I was upset, but then I got used to them and finally I could eat an apple with friends, sitting on the floor in recess. It's one of my good memories because I wanted to do daily activities such as this.

 Another difference is that each junior and senior high school student has their own MacBook Air and each elementary school student has an iPad. The students use it to research things and make a presentation in almost every class. For example, I watched presentations on MacBeth in English class and presentations on energy problems in Geography class. It is said that the Japanese education system is passive and I felt that it was true while I was in Australia. All the students are more active than Japanese students in class.
中高生は自分のMacbook airを、小学生は自分のipadを持っていているということも大きな違いの1つです。ほとんどの授業での調べ物やプレゼンテーション作りに使われ、英語の授業ではマクベス、地理ではエネルギー問題についてのプレゼンテーションを見ました。日本の教育体勢は消極的であると言われていますが、オーストラリアの生徒は日本の生徒よりも積極的で、真実であることを身にしみて感じました

 There are some other different points between Japanese schools and Australian schools. When students go to a different classroom for each lesson. They put their things in their own locker and they don't clean the classroom themselves.

 I was happy to have this precious experience. I have no words to thank everyone for their help.
この貴重な体験をできてとても嬉しく、助けてくれた皆さんには、言葉にできないほど感謝しています。   Translated by T.B 高2