Artificial Intelligence / AI

2018.6.11 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Sinéad O’ Connor

 What do you think about AI? Recently, there have been many articles and TV programmes about it. Technology really does make our lives easier, doesn't it? We can have a nice, hot shower any time we want. We can easily have a delicious hot dinner from the microwave instead of cooking for 30 minutes. Now, companies are developing robots that can help elderly people and help remind them to take their pills or how to eat well. It allows the elderly to live independently but properly.

AIについて、あなたはどう思いますか?最近、AIについての記事や、テレビ番組が沢山あります。 テクノロジーは、本当に私達の生活を簡単にさせていますよね。私達は、熱いシャワーを浴びたい時にいつでも浴びることができます。私達は、30分間料理する代わりに、簡単に電子レンジで美味しい温かい夕食を作ることが出来ます。今、会社は高齢者を助け、薬を飲むことや、又は、上手く食べる方法を思い出す手助けをするロボットを開発しています。それは、高齢者がきちんと独立して住めることを可能にします。

 Now, there are stories about self-driving cars. Many people are worried about the safety of these cars. Self-driving cars will be useful, but how can we be sure they don't kill someone? What if there's an accident? Some people say that programmers should programme the cars to react in a way that causes the least amount of damage possible. But, then, if someone gets killed in an accident -who is responsible? The owner of the car or the programmer?

 It's clear that AI can help us a lot in the future, but there are still many unanswered questions. This week in our 11th grade discussion class the students talked about the future of AI. One student showed us a TED Talk about self-driving cars and then the students discussed the topic. They had mixed feelings about it. What do you think?
AIが将来私達を助けるのは、明確です。しかし、まだ、解答のない質問が沢山あります。今週の高2のディスカッションクラスで、生徒達はAIの将来について話しました。1人の生徒は、自動運転についてのTED Talkを見せてくれました。そして、生徒達はそれを議題に話し合いました。彼らは、それについて、複雑な心境でした。あなたは、どのように思いますか?   Translated by A.Y 高1