The George Fox Tour / ジョージフォックスツアーについて

2018.11.26 [Language Center Blog] その他  担当: Written by K.U 高2


 The George Fox Tour is a tour in England which follows the achievements of George Fox. It is held during summer vacation. The reason why I joined this tour is that my mother told me, "Join the George Fox Tour!” I never wanted to go on it. There were three reasons why. First, I had never, ever spent 12 days away from home. Second, my best friends decided not to go before the application deadline. Third, I had never been abroad.


 I never wanted to go on it, but the preparation for me to go advanced steadily. And then, the day came at last. I cried the whole time from the day before to the day we left Japan. I felt dismal saying goodbye to my mother.

 There was a huge cultural footprint of George Fox in The UK. And through learning about him I could make a lot of memories. My first memory is making new friends. I could talk to students I don't often hang out with. Second, I was able to learn about Sikhism, Islam, and Quakers. It was very interesting. My third memory is going shopping. I bought souvenirs; a belt, a t-shirt, and postcards. I had a really great 15 days. By the end of the tour I was glad that I had joined it. I want to go next year again!!
イギリスには文化的なジョージフォックスの足跡が残されていました。彼について学びながらも、私はたくさんの素敵な思い出を作ることができました。今まであまり関わりがなかった人とも友達になれて、シーク教や、イスラム教、クエーカーについて学ぶことが出来ました。ベルトやTシャツ、ポストカードなどのお土産も買うことが出来て、大満足の15日間でした。ツアーが終わる頃には、この旅に参加して良かった、と心から思えるようになっていました。来年も行きたいです!  Translated by K.S高1