A.G.N.E.S at FGS

2022.12.30 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Sinead O’ Connor

 Recently, I watched a video on Youtube about a suit that MIT has developed. The suit is called A.G.N.E.S and is an age simulation suit. It has been designed to give younger people the opportunity to experience, and therefore build empathy for, the physical challenges faced by older people. The suit is also being used by marketers and businesses in order to help them make their products more accessible to the elderly. It was interesting to me because by watching that video I learned that my mother isn’t bad at using her smartphone because she’s not cognitively capable of it, but it’s because as we age our skin dries out. And so when she seems unable to access her messages it’s, again, not because she lacks the skills to work a smartphone, it’s because the screen is less sensitive to the touch when our skin is less moist. I was glad to see that because it helped me have a little more patience when she’s having trouble with her phone or when she calls me instead of just texting me.

 A few weeks ago the 11th grade students completed their sensitivity training which focuses on aging and over the course of an afternoon took turns wearing weights to simulate joint issues, special glasses that obstruct their vision, ear plugs to make it more difficult to hear, and gloves to make it difficult to grip things. Basically, they get to experience firsthand how it might feel to be in a body that has aged like A.G.N.E.S does. Having seen the video on Youtube and then being able to join this school activity I was once again sure that we are taking great steps to help our students build tolerance, sympathy, and empathy for those around them. My hope is that by doing so we are sending a new generation out into the world who are less likely to judge others or turn a blind eye to those in need of help. Maybe there is hope for the future after all.


 数週間前に高校2年生が高齢者疑似体験を終えました。この体験で生徒たちは関節の動きにくさを体験するため重りをつけ、視界を遮る特別な眼鏡を付け、物音を聞こえにくくするために耳栓をし、ものを掴みにくくするため手袋を付けました。生徒たちは代わるがわるこの状態で午後一杯をかけ校舎内を周ります。A.G.N.E.Sと同じ様に歳を取るとどのように身体が変化するのかを直接感じるのです。上記の動画をみて、またこの活動に参加して私はこの体験は生徒たちが周囲に対しての寛容、思いやり、そして共感を培う上での大きなきっかけになったと確信しています。そうして他人を評価したり助けが必要な人を見て見ぬふりをしない新しい世代を世の中に送り出すことが出来たらいいと思います。今、未来への望みが少し持てるような気がします。 Translated by R.W 高3