International Friends
— Brummana Friends School Lebanon
/ 国際的な友達

2023.3.15 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Sinead O’Connor

 This year our Student Council has been working diligently to build relationships between our school and other Quaker schools from around the world. Monami, our student president, started this project by making contact with about twenty Quaker schools overseas. Many schools responded positively but unfortunately their school curriculum was already quite full for this year so it was difficult for them to join the project, though they hope to join some time in the future. Through many emails between Monami and the different school administrators overseas we were able to exchange school introduction videos with a school in Brummana, Lebanon and a school in York in The UK. It has been fascinating to see how these other Quaker schools teach, and how they incorporate the Quaker ethos into their school lives.

 Right now Monami is in talks with a teacher from another Quaker school in the UK to set up some video chats between our students and their students. There are only three all-girls Quaker schools in the world. One is Friends School Japan, one is the school Monami is in contact with and the other is in America. Our hope is that we can build connections between the three schools since it’s such a special and rare thing to be an all-girls Quaker school. Making opportunities to share ideas and learn about different cultures is a high priority here in the Language Centre and it’s been a pleasure to support Monami and her cohort with this project. I’m so impressed with our Student Council’s initiative and happy to see that they share the same values as we do.


 今、モナミは普連土学園の生徒とイギリスのクエーカー学校の生徒がビデオ電話をするために、イギリスの先生と話し合っています。世界には、たった3校しかクエーカーの女子校がありません。1校は日本の普連土学園で、もう1校はモナミが連絡をとっている学校、そしてもう1校は、アメリカにあります。クエーカーの女子校はとても特別で珍しいので、3校で関係を築くことが私たちの願いです。アイデアを共有して異なる文化を学ぶ機会を作ることは、ここランゲージセンターで最も重要なことです。そして、このプロジェクトでモナミと他の生徒会員たちをサポートすることは喜ばしかったです。私は生徒会の自発性にとても感動しているとともに、彼らが私たちと同じ価値観を共有していることを嬉しく思います。 Translated by A.H 高2