A Special Visitor From America / アメリカからの特別なお客様

2023.6.26 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Daniel Stifler

 Although there are many Quaker schools around the world, there are only three Quaker schools that are only for girls. One, of course, is Friends School in Tokyo, one is Mount School in York, England, and one is Lincoln School, in Rhode Island, USA. Last year our student government reached out to both schools, taking a first step toward what we hope will be a long and meaningful friendship. How happy we were, then, to welcome a teacher from Lincoln School, who spent a day at our school on the 13th of March!

 Paqui Cadenas is a Spanish teacher at Lincoln School and she and her husband, Joshua, came to Japan to visit their son, who lives in Tokyo. We gave them a tour of the school and invited students to chat with them and learn more about Lincoln School. The highlight of their visit was a set of letters they brought from a class of second graders at Lincoln, which has students from kindergarten to high school. In February this year, the second graders at Lincoln were learning about Japan and our ESS club sent digital posters to supplement their lessons. In return, the children at Lincoln created adorable letters introducing themselves and their school!

 Our time with Paqui and Joshua was short, but it was wonderful to welcome guests from another Quaker school!




 パキとジョシュアと過ごした時間は短かったですが、他のクエーカーの学校からお客様を迎えたのはとても素晴らしいことでした。  Translated by C.T 高1