The New George Fox Tour / 久しぶりにGFT

2023.9.12 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Sinead O’Connor

 This year we were able to resume our George Fox Tour. It had been on hiatus because of the pandemic. While we are unable to do the tour like we did in the last we are grateful to still have our contacts within the Quaker community in England. With their help and cooperation we have been able to plan an eight day tour following in the footsteps of George Fox and learning about what Quakers value and how it fits into our lives here in Japan.
 This year 32 students are able to go and we have been preparing every week for the trip. We recently had a lecture with an art professor, Yuki san, who lives and works in London. She prepared a remote lecture with activities to help teach the trip participants about religion through the artwork in the National Gallery. We will visit the National Gallery on our trip so we’ll be able to see the artwork in person.

 George Fox was alive at a very tumultuous time in European history and part of his reason for breaking away from the church and starting Quakerism can be understood through the particular artworks Yuki san talked about. As we get closer to going on the trip the students are becoming more and more excited. For many students this is their first time to travel abroad so there are a lot of new and exciting things to experience.


 ジョージフォックスはイギリスの激動の時代を生きた人でした。彼が教会に通うことをやめ、フレンド派を始めた理由もユキさんが教えてくださった作品を見れば伝わりることと思います。出発の日が近づくにつれ、生徒たちも日に日に楽しみが増していることでしょう。ほとんどの生徒にとって初めての海外旅行となるので新鮮な経験がたくさんできるよう祈っています。    Translated by A.S 高2